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Google Sheets Beginners to Pro: Project 3: Create a Gradebook

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Why this course?

In this video course, we create a Gradebook that will take your spreadsheet skills to the next level into the world of data analysis and professional presentation. We will be building a Google Sheets Gradebook just the ones I have successfully used as a university administrator. You will be developing corporate-level dynamic Google Sheets for your workplace and master advanced formulas and design principles.

Not only will we cover how to use:

  • tools like Pivot Tables, Charts, Slicers, Data Validation and Conditional Formatting
  • the main functions:
  • advanced IF statements
  • SUM
  • SORT
  • arrays
  • ROWS
  • Very handy compound formulas.

but we will also look at:

  • spreadsheet design principles
  • workflow processes
  • designing elegant dashboard
  • develop our shortcut skills, and
  • collaborating with others.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners to Google Sheets looking to advance their skills.
  • People looking to sharpen their skills and improve their efficiency in Google Sheets
  • Anyone looking to better understand spreadsheet design and workflow.
  • Someone who knows the benefit of learning through doing and is excited about building some projects as they learn.


001 | Project Introduction

002 | The 'Paste Grades' Tab

003 | Add Core Data

004 | Importing Core Data From Another Sheet

005 | Gradebook: Setup

006 | Gradebook: Inserting Summary Data

007 | Gradebook: Style and Formatting

008 | Gradebook: Adding Bump, Pass-Fail & Letter Grades

009 | Final Course: Entering Data

010 | Final Course: Chart Data

011 | Final Course: Slicers

012 | All Sections: Pass and Fail

013 | All Sections: Letter Grades

014 | By Sections: Setup

015 | By Section: Summary

016 | By Section: Pass-Fail

017 | By Section: Letter Grade

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Google Sheets Beginners to Pro: Project 3: Create a Gradebook

0 ratings
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