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Google Sheets Beginners to Pro: Project 1: Budget

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Spreadsheets are the cornerstone of effective business around the work.

They are everywhere - in education, finance, sales, and government. Farmers use spreadsheets to keep track of crop performance and soil changes, universities use them to analyze complex data.

Spreadsheets are everywhere.

And Google Sheets has taken that even further by making spreadsheets more user-friendly and interactive for people worldwide.

If you show the slightest knowledge of spreadsheets you suddenly become the go-to. The pro. The one to notice and get help from. Bosses recognize your skills and your career advancement begins to look really good.

Not only that but mastering spreadsheet skills will make your life a whole lot easier. You start to learn the shortcuts and vital tools to help you thrive.

Why this course?

If you have had little to no exposure to creating and working in spreadsheets then it can be pretty overwhelming.

Listening to a bunch of terms and trying to memorize esoteric formulas can be tough not to mention boring. But this seems to be the approach that many courses take in teaching you about spreadsheets courses.

You might feel like you accomplished something by listening to the videos, but when you need to put what you 'learned' into practice, you suddenly find that you can hardly remember anything.

You need to practice what you are learning as you go, with real-world examples that are going to help you truly understand how things work.

In this course, I want to take you on a journey from the basics of using Google Sheets spreadsheets to mastering the essential tools and formulas that you need to improve your efficiency in the workplace, impress your team and make your administrative life easier.

Plus, having tight spreadsheet skills looks amazing on your resume.

This course is about getting in there and completing real-life projects. Projects that you can take away with you and use in your own personal and business life.

If you are looking for a boring lecture-style course here, then this course isn't for you.

The most exciting courses that I have ever taken are the ones where you can follow along and actively create something. You know, apply my skills immediately with a real context to what I am doing and the reward of accomplishing a task at the end.

I always learn the most from these courses.

In this course, we will create a simple Budget Sheet that will take you through the basics of Google Sheets.

Not only will we cover how to use:

  • tools like Charts, Filter, and Data Validation
  • the main functions and formulas you need to ace your Google Sheets work-life

 but we will look at:

  • spreadsheet design principles
  • workflow processes
  • develop our shortcut skills, and
  • collaborating with others.

What's in the course?

You will get:

  • 11 videos covering Project 1.
  • Over 1.5 hours of video content.
  • Each video contains a takeaway summary of what you have covered.
  • Starting templates for each project.
  • Handy links to further reading or videos.
  • Staging templates at strategic points in the course so you can compare your progress.
  • A community in the comments section for each video to get support.
  • Plus you will walk away with a reusable project that you created.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners to Google Sheets looking to advance their skills.
  • People looking to sharpen their skills and improve their efficiency in Google Sheets
  • Anyone looking to better understand spreadsheet design and workflow.
  • Someone who knows the benefit of learning through doing and is excited about building some projects as they learn.


001 | Creating your first file

002 | Google Sheets User Interface basics

003 | Copy the budget data into your Google Sheet

004 | Identifying income and expense values

005 | Making the expense data negative

006 | Create a rolling total of profit and loss

007 | Adding a month and year column

008 | Formatting your budget to make it look sharp

009 | Validating the data in your cells with Data Validation

010 | Creating a chart to display your profits and losses over time

011 | Creating different views of your data with filters

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11 Chapters guiding you through building your first Google Sheets project a Budget Sheet.

1.5 hours
Reusable project
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Google Sheets Beginners to Pro: Project 1: Budget

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