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Google Sheets Beginners to Pro: Project 2: Project Management Workbook

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Spreadsheets are the cornerstone of effective business around the work.

They are everywhere - in education, finance, sales, and government.

If you show the slightest knowledge of spreadsheets you suddenly become the go-to. The pro. The one to notice and get help from. Bosses recognize your skills and your career advancement begins to look really good.

Not only that but mastering spreadsheet skills will suddenly make your life a whole lot easier. You start to learn the shortcuts and vital tools to help you thrive.

Why this course?

In this course, we will get hands-on and build a Project Management Workbook that will take you from the very basics of how Google Sheets works all the way through to developing corporate-level dynamic Google Sheets for your workplace.

Not only will we cover how to use:

  • tools like Charts, Data Validation, Protecting Sheets, and some really amazing Conditional Formatting
  • the main functions like:
  • DAYS
  • MOD
  • Dive into some advanced formula combinations.

 but we will look at:

  • spreadsheet design principles
  • workflow processes
  • develop our shortcut skills, and
  • collaborating with others.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners to Google Sheets looking to advance their skills.
  • People looking to sharpen their skills and improve their efficiency in Google Sheets
  • Anyone looking to better understand spreadsheet design and workflow.
  • Someone who knows the benefit of learning through doing and is excited about building some projects as they learn.

This course stands on its own but also builds on the skills learned in the first project of this course series, Creating a Budget Google Sheet.


001 | Project Introduction

002 | Creating the Project Headers

003 | Data Validating Dates

004 | Working Out the Duration

005 | Creating Dropdown Menus

006 | Styling and Custom Conditional Formatting

007 | Creating the Gantt Chart

008 | Improve Readability of our Main Sheet

009 | Protecting Sheets and Ranges

010 | Creating a Dynamic Template Sheet

011 | Importing the General Information From the Main Sheet

012 | Building a Task Breakdown

013 | Adding in Resources, Links and Notes Sections

014 | Template Final Touches

015 | Using the Template

016 | Collaborating and Sharing

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Google Sheets Beginners to Pro: Project 2: Project Management Workbook

0 ratings
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